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Coachella Favorite 2019 Outfits and Detail Shots

Here is a round up of all my favorite looks from Coachella! Featured is a mood board of details and some full length looks. I noticed for details, double belting and looping details. Chain belts or big western belts were the perfect accessory. For shoes, western white boots were seen everywhere. I have been adoring white boots since fall of 2018. It is nice to see this trend still going strong and a more spring desert take. Besides white boots, metallic and fun printed western boots were big ideas for a statement shoes. A long with statement shoes, are platform sneaker and more doc martens. These are paired with fringe, lace, net, and sheer textures. For clothing there was a vintage boho vibe, being edgy yet feminine. To top it off, there were plenty of embellished hats.

There was a mixture of styles and trends. I also find influencers and other festival goers that aren’r celebrities have the best outfits! One blogger I follow actually found pieces at goodwill AZ and posted in Coachella. It is the long white lace outfit top middle of the main Coachella featured mood board! I always enjoying finding some of favorite looks, I hope these pictures inspired you! What were some of your favorite Coachella looks from 2019?

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