Turn your favorite Fall top into a Spring outfit!

I have a favorite blouse from last Fall that I wore all the time! I loved styling this necktie detail top with a leather jacket, high waisted jeans, and some booties. I wanted to share how I styled this deep maroon floral top into a Spring outfit.

Instead of a full boot, I paired this look with light suede mule boots. This beige color and mule style is a great a transition for Spring and quite versatile for all year round (for warmer states anyways!)

Close up detail on this Parisian inspired silhouette.
My favorite detail of this top are the details on the sleeve. A subtle balloon style on a silk floral. Along with buttons on the wrist for a fitted and elegant detail.

A good floral can be used across many seasons. The blue in this top can be brought out with white jeans! I loved styling this top with a lighter bottom and strappy blue sandals. I paired it with this grey wash denim skirt from Free People that I found at Nordstrom Rack on sale for $25. I do not wear this skirt very often and want to style more of my clothing that ends up in the back of my closet.

I encourage anyone to “shop their own clothing” before heading out to stores. This is something I want to share and become more creative about as I am constantly feeling guilty of my environmental footprint as a fashion lover!

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