Soft Colors into Spring

Living in Arizona, we do not get the big Spring fever other states itch for. We try to take advantage of any “sweater weather” we might get before it reaches 120 in the summer. January and February are always the “want to be Spring but still chilly.”Whether you live on the West or East coast I have always felt soft colors are the perfect pick in winter attire to transition into Spring.

Here I paired fun pink high waisted pleated trousers with a wool multi-color sweater. I love white shoes, and from Fall to Spring they are here to stay. These mules are the perfect accent with gold detailing.

I also love these bottoms paired with booties! I think a big camel colored or cream coat would be the perfect layering piece for a colder setting. If you do not own a colored pant with a matching belt like this, I am sure you will be seeing everywhere this season! I have been eyeing a terracotta colored one that is long flared pant.

This is probably my favorite sweater in my wardrobe since it is so versatile to pair with!

I cannot wait for the official Spring season. But for now, I will enjoy this small sweater weather I can handle. Next weekend, I’ll be taking off to the east coast to explore some great museums.. not prepared for the layering but can’t wait to style some Winter fashions to share!

What are your some of your favorite Winter to Spring attire?

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