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Some of you may know I did blog for some time under a different domain. As fun and easy as it seems to just keep using my old blog… it does not remind me of ‘ME’ today. It’s a new year, why not start fresh and move forward with what I have been trying to plan for a couple years.

I still may not be completely sure of my “style.” I love visuals and putting together ideas through mood boards, using sites like Pinterest/Tumblr, and in my outfits. Although I may not be completely sure of my style just yet…I do know what I want to share and blog about.

You can expect to see posts from a normal college girl living life loving all things from food, music, fashion, and adventure. I graduate in May so after that I guess i’ll be a normal girl looking for the next challenge to take on in life. My goal for this blog is to truly connect with one another! Social media is an easy button to follow, let’s meet!? I hope to inspire all of us to go out for a cup of coffee or even attend a fun event! I know that will take some type for meet ups and collaborations but want to throw it out there now to get all of you thinking! The best things in life come through networking.

I am an Arizona native that appreciates our stunning scenery but has fallen in love with the architect in New York since my first trip there! Here is a mood board I created from some pictures I have taken and some that have always stood out to me. I adore mood boards and I plan on doing more throughout seasons and on different topics! I am beyond excited for all the ideas I have planned ahead. Cannot wait to hear and see your ideas for your blogs and social media!

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